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Eric B


Sol the reject

Joseph Velasquez, alias Sol The Reject, was born dec 1986 in the Coachella Valley desert heat of Southern California. Growing up with a passion for dancing, music was the main ingredient for his lifestyle since the age of 7. Moving to San Diego at 16, he found a calling for breakdancing. Competing for 7 years, music was always being dissected thru movements it was his love for dancing that naturally made him reveal the talent of his new found love of written word poetry. Having moved to Los Angeles in 2010, Sol began to network with artist of lyrical backgrounds. A goal to the service of song writing and artist development has come to fruition. Now as a veteran of melody. Sol performs on stage with a seducing call of the urban night life. Welcome to the show.


CHarlie Boyce

Born and raised in the DC metro area. After falling in love with film and music in high school, he soon moved to Los Angeles to further his career in entertainment. Since then, he has amassed 40+ credits in broadcast television, feature films, and independent projects. While video editing comprises the majority of his experience, he has also produced, directed, written, and filmed for multiple productions. A keen eye and a strong sense of story have defined his work since day one. In his free time, Charlie enjoys making music. As a scratch DJ for 12 years, he has built up a knowledge and appreciation of music across the spectrum. Charlie lives in the San Fernando Valley with two cats, a gang of production gear, and an ever-expanding record collection.


Solon Daily

iNT3L is a muti-instrumentalist and composer of emotion.


Bruce Benson


Farrah Marx

Farrah Marx currently resides in Pasadena and brings forth her background and experience in modern day marketing by using unique strategies to contribute to the creative factors that differentiates FloodMusic Productions from other recording studios and production companies. Aside from marketing, Farrah is presently finalizing a book titled, Restoring Damaged Goods. Additionally, she has co-written songs and can utilize her writing in future projects through both co-creating pieces of work and contributing ideas and assistance to works in progress.


Lulu Curiel

Raised in Los Angeles, Lulu currently resides in the San Fernando Valley. She attended Art Center College of Design and has since utilized her BA in Illustration full-time upon graduating in 2015. Lulu has been directly involved with numerous artists' projects, designing both album and single release covers as well as photo editing and graphic design. Additionally, she can also accommodate any need for promotional and event flyers, paintings, traditional drawings, and portrait pieces. In the request of larger and more impacting projects, Lulu can bring forth design for merchandise such as patches, stickers, and other clothing wear. Alongside her involvement with FloodMusic Productions, Lulu is also staffed with Road Life Apparel, designing and creating their streetwear and merchandise.


Andrew Hindoyan

Antrias, aka Andrew, lives in Van Nuys and is of the San Fernando Valley.  He has been enjoying singing since 4 years old, but started considering it as a career path in 2017 thanks to high school friend Eric.  Eric helped him re-evaluate the direction he was headed in – being 30 years old and having nothing to show for it. Antrias began work as a server, then got into auto sales, medical work and construction, which in an odd way brought him back to music.






Jeff Howe

Jeff was born in Honolulu Hawaii and was a resident off the hawaiian islands for 13 years where he then relocated to Albuquerque New Mexico. Growing up in the southwest Jeff had a heavy influence on all genres of music, specifically early electronic music and 90's hip hop. Jeff was a regular at raves & hip hop shows all throughout the southwest, Pacific Northwest and all along the West coast. Seeing shows such as Nirvana, Beastie Boys, Crystal Method, Tribe Called Quest, Wu-Tang, Fleetwood Mac, Gypsy Kings, Paul Oakenfold and many others. Jeff became a connoisseur of eclectic music. In his early 20's he started playing drums and keyboards with local friends, jamming out in basements and night clubs with numerous musicians. During his six year journey at the University of New Mexico, Jeff studied Theory of Hip Hop and Rave and Jazz History to broaden his mind and expand his music expertise. After receiving a Bachelors degree in Communications and a Masters degree in Psychology, Jeff took his talents to Seattle. He became a brand manager for RJ Reynolds Tobacco company where he hired and promoted numerous music acts such as G Love and Special Sauce, DJ AM, Citizen Cope, Bloc Party and many other big name bands which allowed him to see the business side of the music industry. After living in Seattle, San Francisco, San Jose and Santa Cruz, he finally ended up in Los Angeles where he resides now with his cat Silky, DJ'n, producing and beat making 24 hours a day 7 days a week. Jeff has always had an extreme passion for music and now wants to share his knowledge and expertise with the rest of the world..







I am a self taught musician with a focus on music creation. I am a percussionist and I learn to play on instruments and notes fast. I live in a musical environment, attend concerts and recording sessions and have all the connections to advance in this industry and pursue my passion. My business skills such as leadership, marketing and sales skills will come in handy to help me advance the goals of my band and get to the level we aspire to. I enjoy being part of a band, and my teammates. I don't shy away from challenges, and whether it's playing instruments, producing, singing or writing music, I know I have the motivation to create and publish with no limitations whatsoever to the music style.


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